Ecological choices and digital tools


 And above all. See with your own eyes what you can learn to achieve. In each of these virtual meetings. Obviously also in this one d icat  to adobe photoshop. There is always space to ask questions to the teachers and clarify any doubts! Ecological choices and digital tools: a happy combination ahab group. A large national environmental communication agency bas  in turin. Has been at the forefront for 25 years to raise awareness of entities and companies on green issues through: artistic and cultural events  ucational engagement for students with interactive apps communication for greater ecological awareness.

The agre path includ a dense program

 Ahab’s team ask  training partners espero srl and s&a management to africa email list design a training course. Objective: to deepen the knowl ge of digital tools to be even more effective in promoting ecological choices. Digital training for project managers having such an active and passionate team of project managers is not common for all companies. Ahab’s group stood out for its professionalism and active participation from the first meeting with our teacher laura copelli. Seo specialist and digital strategist . The agre  path includ  a dense program to enhance digital services: a) ux/ui : analyzes the user experience on the site interface b) seo: optimizes contents for correct indexing c) social: know and implement the main social channels d ) copy: learn to write from an seo perspective to understand the potential of digital channels it is necessary to know their characteristics and dynamics.


Just as it is not enough to open facebook

 It is not enough to create a website. Just as it is not enough to open IT Email List facebook pages or link in pages. It is often necessary to reverse the processes: start from the idea. And then arrive at the distribution channels only later. After having carri  out a careful analysis and respecting a good  itorial plan. A) ux/ui: two acronyms you ne  to know with ahab we review  them in detail (and it’s never enough): ux means user experience : the experience that the user perceives when navigating an interface. Ui means user interface : precisely that interface that the user finds himself able to navigate.


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