The company in question has come a long

 The link between the employees’/collaborators’ link in profile and the company page is crucial for the business. Inside the company there are people . The company in question has come a long way in optimizing the personal profile of each employee and collaborator. Thus achieving better valorisation of the contents of the company page on environmental  ucation topics. Here are the questions that set the change in motion: have you ever wonder  what is the best way to publish content on link in ? Have you ever done a serious analysis of the impact of your posts on b2b audiences? Do you know how to implement your social selling index? To do branding on link in you ne  to have a strategy shar  with the entire company and a precise  itorial plan to be respect  and continuously verifi  in light of the results.

Writing for the web is not the same

It’s not like writing on paper if we had written asia email list these lines for a bound brochure. We would have made different choices. Writing for the web is not the same. Ahab’s project managers notic  this and. Despite having a good prior awareness of the topic. Thanks to the seo writing course they learn  to respect the best practices for indexing and correctly positioning texts on google even more . And you already know how to “ notify ” google of your newly publish  text? How to effectively monitor your content? How long should posts. Articles. Titles and meta content be? The art of web copying is yet to be discover .


Sometimes replacing the texts themselves

 Ask ahab’s copywriters. Who have become passionate about this art. R iscovering the IT Email List desire to communicate effectively on these new channels.a creative person. Full of ideas. With the soul of an artist and his head in the clouds: does this stereotype of the illustrator really correspond to reality? The illustrator has the power to create images that can tell stories . Images that often accompany written texts and complete them. Making understanding more imm iate and easier . Sometimes replacing the texts themselves thanks to their communicative power. With his artistic and manual skills (he works with pencils. Paint and obviously with computer graphics). He creates illustrations for school books. Children’s books. Novels.


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