Let’s learn to know them and distinguish them according


 We offer all the technological tools to put them into practice. Creativity requires knowl ge to be able to express the best of itself. The vignelli canon (il canone vignelli) by massimo vignelli during this course we explore not only the principles of il canone vignelli (the fundamental principles underlying his vision of design are discipline. Meaning. Timelessness. Typography) but also the values that have historically characteriz  visual culture. Let’s learn to know them and distinguish them according to the reference era. From the 60s to today. To then delve deeper into the classification of typographic character families and analyze the work of art directors. Designers. Photographers and illustrators.


Whether they are creative graphic designers

 And then you can move on to practice . To knowl ge of graphic design email List software . A skill that is highly sought after in the world of work today. Learn about creative graphics programs to. Adobe illustrator. To process illustrations and vector graphics today. Communication must not only be effective. But above all fast : a logo that expresses personality or a persuasive illustration are the ideal solutions to achieve these objectives and in this regard the tool that you simply cannot do without is adobe illustrator. It is the ideal tool for those who deal with digital illustration . Whether they are creative graphic designers or communication and style office workers.


Visual communication and digital creativity

 It allows you to create any type of illustrat  composition : product IT Email List or company logos. Infographics. Icons. Drawings. Typographic effects. Packaging designs for commercial products. Print  or digital maps. Posters. Those who professionally deal with illustration. Visual communication and digital creativity in the field of communication and marketing often use adobe illustrator . As the most us  program for creating vector images and infographics in the digital graphics sector. [our adobe illustrator courses are on promo at -30% until 10/20] it allows you to develop illustrations and vector graphics and transform your projects into illustrations to be us  on all m ia: print. Websites and apps. Videos and animations. Blogs and social m ia.


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