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With the group chat feature, you can also allow anonymous comments due to the sensitivity of the topic. The student can provide feedback directly on either the entire course or an individual section/lesson. The platform automatically counts how many course videos have been watched (the analytics were really comprehensive and help the coach to develop the course content even better). mediation or a purchase process, so it needs either Woo commerce or Shopify alongside it. If you use Woocomerce, you also need a separate payment intermediary, such as Bambara, Stripe or Patrai. All in all, the Unlearning platform felt, looked and sounded like a very competent entity. If I were to start doing online courses myself, I would take the service from them with a great deal of realism. 17 elements Register statement and data protection

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Stream learning I happened to get acquainted with the Unlearning course platform in connection with the conceptualization of a customer’s online course. I contacted latest database the Unlearning team and asked for a little more information about their service.  in early autumn, during which I got a really comprehensive picture of their service. The course platform differs from others in a few excellent ways: You can (theoretically) import the entire course from another platform to their platform (this is worth checking, as there may be differences between course platforms. Similarly, the scope of the course may present challenges in the transfer). You can upload a pdf file to the platform and, if you wish, convert it directly into text format (the pdf file can also be left as a downloadable pdf file, but if you already have a pdf file, you can get it in course format at once without any extra work).

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I personally left my own Zoom and Active I want to build more complex automations, but for a starting entrepreneur, Zener’s tools are perfectly sufficient. However, one thing about Zener was attractive. I could keep the free version as long as I wanted. So I was able to familiarize myself with the program, try and search before I started paying anything for it. I am currently using the Pro version and although it is not quite IT Email List as smooth technically as e.g. WordPress, it is perfectly sufficient for the moment. I don’t consider myself a Zener expert yet, but if you use my affiliate link (*) and take either the Pro or Premium version of Zener , you will get 60 min of free sparring from me on top of the deal. During sparring, we can either watch Zener together, or I can spar with you about making online courses, marketing or sales.

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