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The more expensive package you take from Teachable, the more different features you can use. There is still a free version of Teachable where you can build unlimited courses. open the course materials one week or one section at a time, you have to upgrade to the Basic package. Similarly, Discount Coupons are only available at the Basic level. coaching service to the whole. Through the platform, you can offer individual customers one-to-one sparring lessons. I have not tried this myself, so I have no practical experience with this. Please note that the prices below are valid if you pay for the platform for one year at a time. Foreigners have a funny way of showing how much the monthly charge is, even though they bill the amount once a year.

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Campfire is an easy-to-use platform where you get both the course, sales page and Finnish payment buttons under the special data same roof. Campfire uses , which it also uses. NOTE! Deactivating products in Campfire is not enough to cut the monthly costs. The products must be removed through customer service and the service must be terminated in order for the costs to end. Also read this: What is a good online course? Teachable (*) Teachable is a foreign course and sales platform. I have used Teachable myself, but I gave it up because I couldn’t get Finnish online banking payment methods connected to it. I am currently planning to change the Patron platform to another one and I was thinking that I could transfer it to Teachable, because I am already familiar with the platform and I can offer the community members a course-like experience for an affordable monthly price.

Bambara as a payment intermediary

Campfire Campfire is a Finnish online course and sales platform. The platform is extremely convenient and easy to use. The platform also IT Email List provides event sales for webinars and live events. Campfire is a digital entrepreneur’s dream platform. will be assigned credentials that he can use to log in to the course platform. You can schedule the courses either according to the date of purchase, when it is the so-called evergreen product or gather a group and start the course for everyone at the same time. Campfire has updated its pricing. At the moment (04/2020), you can add as many courses as you want (or have time to do) with one monthly fee of 100 euros. In addition, they have reduced the service fee by (previously 10%). Bambara acts as the intermediary for the payments, and as a Campfire customer you get a discount on the costs.

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