Do An Ab Test Of Your Product Listing


If you have a low Shopee conversion rate for a particular product listing compared to the rest of your items, you may want to do an AB Test to experiment on different variations of this particular product listing.

This is another process that can be automated via Split Dragon as well.

Go to your product and then click on the red dot following the selected product path. Click Add New AB Test.

Select the attribute for which you want to do the AB test and then proceed with the test. You will receive an email notification of the result. You can also update the product list with a better version directly from Split Dragon.

Be Active On Shopee Live Stream And Be Selective In Customizing Your Program Stream

Shopee Live Stream is the best way for you to connect with your customers in a more personal way. This allows you to do more than optimize your product listings and run campaigns for additional traffic. Live streaming allows you to interact with your audience and know how they are tagging. This gives you a hint on the best way to sell to them.

This gives you a huge boost in conversions too as customers get to buy the products you highlight during live on-site broadcasts.

You can create an engaging program flow that will keep your audience engaged. When you do, you’ll do more than just convert viewers into customers. You will also be able to find new followers and thus, expand your reach.

Giving vouchers during live streams also increases conversions on certain live streaming sessions.

Despite the proven statistics on successful Shopee Live Stream conversions, you still need to be selective about your program database flow. Unless you keep your audience captivated, you will not be able to achieve optimal success for your live streaming goals. Learn the ins and outs of successful live streaming in our post 5 Reasons Why Your Lazada or Shopee Live Stream Might Fail and What You Can Do About It .

Fulfill Orders ASAP


It is important not to keep the buyer waiting, especially when it comes to order fulfillment. Waiting for product arrival brings adrenaline rush to customers. It makes the whole online shopping experience interesting for them. However, if you keep them waiting too long, they will lose interest in not only the product but potential future transactions with your store.

In addition, there are also customers who IT Email List want to cancel an order if it takes too long to fulfill. Nothing is sadder to a Shopee seller than losing a closed deal. These canceled orders will result in a lower seller rating. Since seller ratings have an effect on a customer’s purchase decision, it will also have an impact on your overall Shopee conversion rate.

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