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If the link does not work There are differences between blog  not work 100% on every blog platform. there are too many words in the anchor text –> correction suggestion; add between words – hyphen-without-spaces there are bugs in the anchor text –> repair proposal; change the letters to non-alphabets I will try the following for the url Adding an anchor link to a blog After editing, save, refresh and test again. 8. What if you want to direct the reader back to the beginning of the blog post? That works really well too. You choose one word from the beginning of the blog post to which you want to direct the person.

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Online course machine and Online course factory The online course machine has been familiar to you for several years. their service, I understand new data how their service works. In practice, you get a ready-made course platform and an online store on their platform, so you don’t have to worry about the technology of the course platform yourself.  especially if technology is not your thing. What makes the online course engine competitive is that their service does not charge extra fees. In other words, there is no charge for the transfer of payments like other platforms do. The pricing of the online course machine is not displayed on the website. On the other hand, I understand, because Ilpo and Eelis want to tailor a package for each customer that fits their needs.

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In this case, it is also ensured that the customer does not have to pay for unnecessary things (i.e. for unused functions).  Zener (*) Zener is a new acquaintance for me, because I have started building the Content Academy there. I wanted to test the external course platform just to see how much time I save technically when IT Email List I don’t have to adjust everything possible on my own website. So far I’m satisfied.  Zener’s simplicity lies in the fact that it practically contains all the necessary elements of a digital entrepreneur, such as:  course platform the payment intermediary email program the blog automations of the community live trainings After implementing Zener, you may not need external email programs (Mailchimp, Convert kit), Zoom, WordPress, Woo commerce or Facebook. Everything can be found under one roof.

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