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Personal Account In A System That Regulates Business Processes In An Enterprise. This Makes It Possible To Immeiately Use The Data Entere By Counterparties, Saving A Lot Of Resources To Accept Them And Enter Them Into The System. That Is, When Choosing Some Kind Of Software, For Example, Bpm Systems , A Business Assumes That Not Only Its Own Employees, But Also Contractors Will Use It. And Here We Come Close To The Next Trend. Integration Of Different Systems Many Companies Had To Deal With The Fact That One System Was Chosen For Accounting Resources (Erp), For Interaction With Customers – Another ( Crm ), For Document Management – A Third (Ems). As A Result, The Company Uses 3-5 Systems From Different Manufacturers.

With Different Principles Of Operation

Mdm Systems Become A Partial Solution – Additional Software That Helps To “collect” And Combine Disparate Data So That You Can See The Whole Picture. The Situation Is Complicate By The Fact That Many Systems Assume A Different Structure Azerbaijan Phone Number List Of Information, So That Importing And Exporting Data Also Involves Their “conversion”. As A Result, The Business “gets Use” To Using A Set Of Systems, And Since A Large Sum Has Already Gone Into The Implementation And Configuration Of All This, Not Every Manager Is Ready To Refuse This Format Of Work.

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What To Do In Such A

Situation Is A Difficult Question. Usually You Have To Sacrifice Something And Get Rid Of Something, Even If It Is Painful. The Solution Here Will Be Solutions Create On The Same Platform, For Example Comindware Business Application Platform . Solutions Create On It Are Initially Integrate With Each Other, So No Additional Steps Are Neee. In Addition, It Can Gradually Create Separate It Solutions For Specific Tasks, Replacing Those Previously Use IT Email List With These Solutions. This Will Allow The Business To Avoid The Main Stress – A Sharp “spurt” That Occurs When Everything  Works, And Only Then Carry Out Its Mass Implementation. Moreover, It Is Important That It Was Possible To Test On A Single Process, Without Making Any Drastic Changes In The Work Of The Entire Business.

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