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Increase The Efficiency Of The Process By Doing A Little Work. For Example, By Teaching This Employee The Necessary Skills Or By Providing Him With A Fast Computer. “Core” And “Sandbox” Finally, Today’s Business Solutions Are Usually Divide Into Two Components: A “Core” For Template Processes And A “Sandbox” – A Space For Experimentation. This Is Due To The Understanding That Standards Are Indispensable, But Not Everything Can Be Put Into The “Procrustean Be” Of A Scheme Or Template And Automate. Therefore, Instead Of Templates For Some Business Processes, Cases Are Now Use, Which Assume That The Process Will Unfold Along.

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Establishe Rules For The Same Reason, Business Decisions Include The Opportunity To Experiment And Test New Technologies. However, This “area Of ​​freeom” Is Taken Out Of The Core, Which Is Responsible For Ensuring That The Typical And Bahamas Phone Number List Most Important Processes For The Enterprise Run Quickly And Without Failures. Thus, Digital Transformation Involves Not Only The Introduction Of Technology, But Also The Revision Of Business Models. And The Balance Of Template And Creativity, Discipline And Experiment Comes Out On Top. How And Why To Digitally Transform? The Main Goal Of Such A Transformation Is To Gain Competitive.

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Additional Value For The Client The Second Reason Is The Struggle To Maintain Its Place In The Market. How To Carry Out Digital Transformation? Not So Long Ago, Building Business Processes Was “rule” Mainly By It Specialists, Because No One  Settings In The Software Use. But During This Time, The Business Has Already “tire” Of The Nee IT Email List To Reconfigure The Software Every Time You Nee To Send A List Of Changes To The It Department And Wait A Long Time For Them To Be Implemente. At The Same Time, The List Of Necessary Changes Is Growing Faster Than It-specialists Have Time To Make Them. This Cause The Popularity Of Low-code Systems , Which Involve Easy Setup And A Minimum Of Programming. One Of The Main Figures In Digital Transformation Is A Business.

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