2 Upload your email subscription list to social media

This tip is one that can be used to better connect with people who you send emails. Email campaigns have a reputation of being a disconnected means of communicating with potential customers, while social media is seen as the source where more personal conversations between businesses and customers happen. Uploading your email subscription list to social media has benefits to learning more about what your customers want from you.

Build relationships – your customers will naturally feel more comfortable engaging with material on social media, so make sure that your connecting with the people you send emails to on social media as well.
Find out what they want – social media is a place where you can find out what your customers really want. Once you know what their asking for from you, deliver it to them in your emails.
3 collect emails using social media.

Don’t just rely on sharing content to make people interested in your business. Encourage people to sign-up to receive exclusive content directly to their inbox through social media. Therefore, Promote your monthly newsletter and include a link to the landing page so they can register right away. You can also take advantage of twitter’s lead generation cards to encourage people to sign-up for emails directly through the platform. Finally, make sure to include call to action buttons on your social media pages. Therefore, These allow people to give you their information directly through social media.

This first example is of a twitter lead generation card

Notice that their call-to-action button says “join the community” instead of something boring like “click here.

This is an example of the keymedia solutions’ facebook page. Our call to action says “contact us,” but if you’re trying to capture emails you can phone lists change the call to action to say “sign up” where they can then give you their information.

This last example is a keymedia solutions’ post promoting registration for our monthly newsletter. Once the link is clicked, the contact is directed to a landing page where this input their name and email.

4 utilize testing to improve both tactics
Testing is an important part of any marketing campaign. Testing the performance of ads and comparing images, subject lines, and content are all relevant in online advertising. Therefore,  Email and social media marketing should be tested as well. Here are some examples of email marketing and social media marketing improving the performance of each other.

Which of your email subject lines generate the highest open rates? Use that subject line as a headline for your next social media post.

Test image engagement with social media and incorporate

Just like testimonials, include positive social media comments in your emails to increase brand loyalty.
If your next email contains a special IT Email List deal or an interesting article, tease about it with social media post.
5 promote social shares using automated emails
One of email marketing best practices is to utilize automated emails like thank you or confirmation emails, but automated responses can also be used to ask people to share your content. Therefore,  This tip might best be explained with an example.

Say that we recently posted a blog about email marketing that has. Therefore, been getting a lot of likes, shares, and retweets. Now we want to ask our contacts that subscribe to our emails to share it as well. Here is a simple email template that asked our contacts to check it out and share the article.

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