1 Include links to your social media pages in your emails

It’s often forgotten that different marketing tactics have the ability to work together.

Just because two of your marketing tactics seem very. Different and independent from one another doesn’t mean they. Can’t work together to improve you online marketing campaign.

Email marketing and social media marketing can easily be thought. Of as a “one or the other” situations when it comes to developing your marketing strategy.

Today’s world lives on social media, so we naturally devote. More attention to the popular platforms like facebook and twitter to target and engage with customers. Email has become. A part of our daily life and can sometimes be overlooked by small businesses. As a viable tactic to spread brand awareness, however, a forbes article recently. Reviewed a study and said that email marketing. Is the most viable marketing channels for multiple reasons.

But this doesn’t have to be the case

When you’re putting together a marketing strategy for this new year, don’t make the mistake of only relying on one of these tactics to telephone list generate new leads. Social media and email marketing have unique features that allow them to work together and generate leads through multiple sources.

In this blog, I’ve listed out five tips that you can use to bring together social media and email marketing to start expanding your brand awareness and generating more engagement with your content.
Let’s get the simple ones out of the way.

This may seem obvious

But many people fail to include information about their social pages in their emails. Now, this doesn’t mean putting a facebook or twitter IT Email List logo in a hard to read place, buried in an email where no one is going to see it. Make sure your icons are easy to find and in the face of the people reading your emails.

Here are a couple of examples of social sharing options. The first is an email that displays the sharing options in the top right corner of the email. This makes it easy to see and one of the first things a person will read when the open the email.

This next example is social sharing icons that we include at the bottom of our emails. We also include a call to action above the icons to promote engagement.

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