Wrapping Up the Shopping Season


Black friday and cyber monday have ended and business owners are letting the dust settle from another busy shopping weekend before they tally up their total sales. However, many retail businesses were surprised by the lack of in-store purchases during this shopping weekend.

After black friday, many retail businesses began to get worried. That the lack of in-store traffic would lead to them failing to meet. Their holiday sales predictions, but yesterday’s cyber monday sale’s numbers gave many businesses. The financial profit they were hoping for. This year’s holiday shoppers. Made a strong statement to businesses as companies evaluate how their advertising strategy. Paid off during black friday and cyber monday. If we take. A look at some of the numbers from the holiday shopping. Weekend, we can figure out what this year’s shopping. Trends mean for your business.

Let’s look at the numbers

It’s clear after cyber monday, that online shopping has made the holiday purchasing chaos much easier for customers. A forbes article recapping the shopping weekend explains that businesses relying on in-store purchases didn’t get quite the rush of shoppers they were hoping for.

“the store traffic was not great. While there were some crowds caught on television cameras charging into discount stores, most of the telephonelists.biz reviews rush was for the limited quantity deals in electronics. Once the limited quantities were gone, it was time to go home.”

The article continues to explain that in-store purchases decreased by 12-15% compared to the previous year. The lack of shopping rush is being partly blamed to the fact that many stores opened their doors early on thanksgiving day. People were able to do their shopping over a longer period of time, so the need to wait in line at 4 a.M. Wasn’t as great.

Don’t let these numbers lead you to believe that people

Imply decided not to shop this year. People may have decided to stay home and sit on the couch in their pj’s, but they still took advantage IT Email List of holiday deals. Purchases with smart phones increased by almost 38% this year. And cyber monday was able to brag about a $3 billion sales total from yesterday’s shopping event. This number is a 12% increase from last year’s $2.68 billion sales total.

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