How Programmatic Buying Works


Engagement ads give customers more information about your business by displaying information in different ways. Hovering over the ad would expand an ad, customers. Could scroll through multiple pictures, or customers could click the ad to direct them to your site.

Benefits: the influence consideration objective is for businesses. Who have to differentiate from similar products of their competition. This feature allows you to educate your customers about your specific product or service in order for them to understand why they should be buying from you.

What it is: the drive action objective uses remarketing

And conversion optimizer bidding to push potential customers to make a purchase with you. Remarketing is used to show your ads to people who have already visited your site or completed an online form.

How it works: imagine that you’ve found a customer who has completed a contact form or downloaded a whitepaper.

With this objective, you’re able to continue serving ads. To this particular individual so they will keep your business top of mind.

Benefits: the drive action objective is call lists for sale most effective if you. Want to find customers that are very close to making a purchase. If you’re trying to close a sale or keep a conversation going with customers. Who are ready to act, the drive action objective can maintain. The influence of your business and produce more engagement.

As of today these are the only marketing objectives

Available for display campaigns in adwords, but that might not last long. Since google is always looking to add more features, there it is a likely possibility that adwords could be rolling out more marketing objectives. Follow keymedia solutions on facebook or twitter to get all the latest information on google adwords’ new features.

At keymedia solutions, it’s our intention to stay IT Email List up to date on all the latest technology in the online advertising industry. We believe that every business deserves the chance to manage its marketing strategy using the most effective advertising tools. If you’re interested in learning more about these new adwords features or any of our other services, contact us at any time.

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