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Trends Remain Relevant In 2020. More And More Businesses Are.  Significantly Reucing The.  Role Of Documents In Interaction.  With Counterparties And Are Moving.  To Work With Data.  From The Contract Card. Sharing.  Bpm And Rpa, By The End.  Of 2019, Is Becoming.  A Common Practice. And Customer Relationship.  Management Is Now.  Increasingly Becoming An.  Important Part Of End-to-end Business Processes Of An Enterprise, Manage Not By A “boxe” Crm System, But By A Low-code Enterprise-level Platform. Trend 1: Workflow Without Documents.

Workflow And Bpm Similarities And

Differencesbase On The Experience Of Last Year’s Projects, Business Is Beginning To Understand That Workflow And Bpm Are Not The Same Thing, And There Are Much More Differences Than Similarities. Previously, Many Were Misle By The Fact Jordan Phone Number List That Both Ems And Bpms Are Base On A Process Engine That Ensures The Movement Of Some Token Through A Repeating Process. This Is True, But Perhaps This Is Where The Similarities End. The Difference Is Ideological – In Workflow A Good Document Is The Goal, And In Bpm A Document Is A Priori Considere As “evil” – Each Document Must Prove Its Right To Exist. The Bpm Methodology Initially.

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Assume The Replacement

Of Documents With Data And This Became Especially Relevant With The Massive Appearance Of Various Types Of Robots In Offices, Fields, Service Centers, Etc. Robots Do Not Understand Documents, And In 2019 You Nee To Work Not With A Scan Of A Document Or Even A Word Contract, But With The Data In The Contract Card. This Approach Is IT Email List Many Times More Effective Both If The Contract Card s Viewe By A Person, And When Using A Robot. Moreover, The Efficiency In Terms Of Integration With Corporate Systems Is Much Higher. The Rejection Of Documents (Both Paper And Electronic) Within The Company, The Reuction Of The Role Of Documents In Interaction With Counterparties And The Automatic Generation Of Text Base On A Template And Data From The Agreement Card Is An Already Establishe Trend That Will Spread  Orchestration (Rpa) With Bpm In The Last Two Years, The Popularity Of Software Robots.

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