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Goals In  We At Comindware Have Create And Are Developing A Low-code Platform For The Digital Transformation Of Enterprises. Comindware Business Application.  Platform Has A Russian.  Graph Database “Under The Hood.  Which Provides The Ability.  To Manage Unstructure Business.  Processes (Cases) And Adjust End-to-end Business Processes On The Fly. Order A Free Demonstration Of The Comindware Business Application Platform And Evaluate How It Suits Your Company. Bpm System Trends In 2018 Below We Offer A Retrospective Look At The Bpm System Trends That We Share At The Beginning Of 2018. Trend 1: Demand For Low-code Platforms.

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The Era Of Digital Transformation, Legacy Corporate It Systems Often Look Like Clumsy And Inconvenient Monsters. Businesses Are Looking Forward To A New Generation Of Enterprise Systems That Are Simpler, More User-friendly And Able To Quickly Rebuild To Support Changes In Business Processes. The Spee At Which Changes Are Kazakhstan Phone Number List Made To It Systems Has Become One Of The Critical Success Factors Today. In Recent Years, There Has Been A Demand For Low-code Platforms That Make It Possible To Quickly Create Business Applications And Automate Business Processes With Minimal Coding And With Minimal Involvement Of Programmers, And Then Change Business Logic And Processes “On The Fly” By Business Forces. Analysts. Demand For Low-code Platforms Will Continue To Grow In 2018 And Key Bpm Vendors Will Respond.

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Comment At The End Of 2018 We Can Say With Confidence That The Preiction Came True. The High Demand For Low-code Platforms In 2018 Is Confirme By The Fact That Comindware, A Developer Of A Low-code Platform For Process Digitalization, Developer Rating For 2018. All Key Vendors Have Responde To This Demand: Some Have IT Email List Shifte Their Focus To Low-code In Marketing Materials, Others Have Expande The Capabilities Of The System With Convenient Tools, And Others Have Continue To Develop New Technologies And Set The Course For Further Development Of The Industry. In This Context, It Is Important To Define The Criteria That Define The Platform As Low-code . Trend 2: Graph Databases Graphs Are Everywhere. From Websites That Empower Companies Socially By Providing Personalize Services To Customers, To Innovative Bioinformatics Research. In Recent Years, More.

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