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Keystrokes on the keyboard; record the activity of employees per hour, day or week; take into account the individual working time of each employee. At the same time, Hubstaff generates rather primitive reports, does not allow you to limit the number of IP addresses and provides minimal tracking options. Therefore, the software is good for time tracking, but it can be use to control personnel to a limite extent. Time Doctor – time tracking Time Doctor is a program that focuses on recording the working time spent on each individual project. It also has features that allow you to control whether an employee spends time on work or on extraneous matters. Main functions: working time tracking; accurate time tracking in automatic mode; viewing screenshots from employee screens; monitoring of websites visite by.

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Employees  generation of reports on productivity, graphs, etc. I consider Timeoctor to be one of the best time tracking tools for remote employees. It even has the ability to capture the screen, fix working hours and everything else you nee in a time tracking software. Sye Balkhi, OptinMonster. KnowIT – monitoring PC and mobile devices software product Denmark Phone Number List that allows you to take full control of not only employees’ computers and laptops, but also their smartphones and tablets. , so an employee should install it only with his consent, and not on a personal, but on a work terminal. Here are just some of the features of the program: tracking and accounting of working hours; collection of statistics on personal performance; protection against insider threats; checking site visits; control over the installation of potentially unsafe software.

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KnowIT is a scalable modular platform, so you can choose the configuration for any legal requirements, for small, meium and large businesses. Roadmap – managing remote employees within a project Roadmap can be calle a good choice , as well as freelancers, are working on a specific project at the same time. The main functionality involves the creation of a roadmap for the implementation of the project and control of its implementation. The service allows you to manage internal resources, control the uniformity of the IT Email List workload of employees, and take into account working hours. At the same time, his ability to control discipline and productivity is largely limite. 

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