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 To achieve this, our writing must follow a logical and orderly structure, presenting information in a sequential and coherent manner. Likewise, it is important that the language us is simple and clear, avoiding the use of technical or specializ terms. How to make an expository text? To write an expository text , it is necessary to follow certain guidelines: It is important that the topic to be discuss is known by the author. That is, the person writing has a good knowlge of what he wants to write.

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 It is necessary to be clear about what you want to transmit; That is, order the ideas previously to express them in the writing. To write an expository text, it is also necessary b2b leads to take into account the audience to which it is direct. Selecting an appropriate structure is key. It is important to choose an organization that allows information to be present in a detail, concise and brief manner. svg E Expository text structure It is not very difficult to remember the structure of an expository text , since it follows the same pattern as a story .

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Therefore, we will have to remember that it is made up of three base elements. These are the following: Introduction : let’s start the text by giving a glimpse of the topic we IT Email List want to write about. We can go from the particular to the general. The idea is to capture the reader’s attention in different ways. Development : at this point we will build our text and give you information in a precise and detail way. It is the most important part of our text, so we will “expose” all the information we want to report.

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