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It is an easy alternative to always have a candle that is always lit and a saving in people’s pockets. You will only ne to add an oil, eventually, as it is the source of the flame. Materials Water Cooking oil Decorative glass, cup or container A plastic bottle A sheet of toilet paper or paper napkin A nail and a scissors Dyes (optional) Stones and decorations (optional) Procure Cut the base of a plastic bottle with scissors and make a hole in the center with a nail.

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With the help of scissors, cut a long piece of toilet paper or paper napkin and roll it many times to the point of having a wick. Pour water into b2b email list the glass, cup or decorative glass container (preferably ¾ of the container). Then pour oil into the remaining space. Then place the plastic base with the paper wick insert in the center to the point that it is floating on the surface. It is important that this wick is not very long and only remains in the oil layer.

If They Are Highly

Light your ecological candle and that’s it. Receive the light for as long as you want and decorate the spaces you want. Have the tools to understand, understand and create an expository text with this article. Join us! Expository IT Email List text what it is, structure, types and example Learn to write your text successfully with the instructions that we will give you. Do you have questions about how to make this type of text? Do you want to know more about its structure or do you want to have examples? Discover it here! As its name says, an expository text seeks to expose or explain a specific topic with the aim of informing the reader about it.

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