Mind That Varying Word Counts and Image


Never mind that varying word counts and image specifications can make your post look wonky if you use an everything-everywhere approach. That said. You don’t nee to reinvent the wheel for every platform. As long as you adjust a post appropriately. Content base on the same assets can be share across multiple social networks. The hootsuite composer allows you to customize one post for each social network. All from one interface. So it speaks to the correct audience and hits the right image and word properties. You can also add or remove hashtags. Change your tags and mentions. And switch out the links. Time = save. 5. Curate and repost 1⁄3 of your content odds are.

People in Your Industry

People in your industry, maybe even your customers   are creating content that would look great on your social fees. We are absolutely not saying you should simply take it and use it. Please don’t do that. But it is a great idea to reach out and connect with these creators to ask if you can share and amplify their content. You can even use strategies like contests and brande hashtags to collect user-generated content to fill out your fee. Or.

On the thought leadership front. Share a business lead link to an insightful piece relevant to your industry. Along with a quick summary of your thoughts. Content curation is a useful way to bring valuable information to your audience while building connections with leaders in your industry and. Of course. Saving time.

Use Templates for Content Creation

Use templates for content creation. A recognizable brand look and voice are important for building your following on social media. Templates reuce the amount of effort neee to create a new social post while ensuring your content is always on-brand. The hootsuite content library allows you to save pre-approve templates and other brand assets so you can create new content in just a couple of clicks. 

We’ve also created lots of templates IT Email List you can use with or without hootsuite. This post of 20 social media templates includes a lot of strategy. Planning. And reporting templates. But there are also content templates anyone can use for. Instagram carousels instagram stories instagram highlights covers and icons facebook page cover photos.

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