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Mobile devices are used more today than ever before. Why is this? Mobile devices offer us more freedom to access the information we deem as vital in our lives. We have the ability to stay connected with friends and family while also being able to tap into an endless stream of information through the internet.

The expansion of mobile capabilities has, in turn, created a dependency between users and their mobile devices. Let’s not get into whether being on our phones 24/7 is a good or bad thing, instead, let’s discuss the opportunity that this mobile dependency has created for marketers around the world.

Businesses now have the ability to stay in constant connection with their customers by delivering advertisements through their mobile device. More and more, in recent years, marketers have been devoting more of their budget to targeting customers with mobile advertising. This coming year could be the first time in history that sees more money spent on mobile advertisements than desktop ad spending.

Advertising age published an article that describes

The increase in businesses spend toward mobile advertisements. They report that next year could be the first time that mobile spending will surpass that of desktop ad spending. However, this was not the main area of focus for the advertising age report.

Mobile programmatic display advertising is becoming increasingly. More popular, and this technology is quickly becoming a “must-have” for businesses involved with online advertising.

The article explains that of all money spent on programmatic display advertisements, 60.5% of that budget has gone to mobile programmatic ads. The $9.33 billion mobile programmatic ad spend will surpass desktop’s share of programmatic advertising for the first time.

How programmatic buying works
The popularity of programmatic mobile residential phone numbers d buying is due to the effectiveness of this new technology. However, many marketers are unaware of the benefits of programmatic. Understanding how this technology works and how it can create distinct advantages for businesses trying to expand their brand, and help us explain the popularity of mobile programmatic ad buying.

Programmatic advertising works by collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data. Every time someone goes online, applies for a loan, or signs up for a newsletter they create a data history specific to him or her. This data is then collected by data management providers (dmps) like experian, mastercard, forbes, and many more.

Businesses that operate programmatic technology are able to access

The data collected by these dmps and use it to create extremely specific audience criteria. Customers that meet this criteria will see your business’ advertisements no matter which website they visit.

A media post article explains that the real reason behind the benefits of mobile programmatic buying is the data.

“geo-location, mobile web behavioral IT Email List data, login data, all the things. That make mobile an extremely personal experience also make programmatic an extremely attractive option for advertisers.”

The article continues to discuss that this new technology is still not being utilized by many marketers.

“the promise of mobile programmatic hasn’t fully been realized yet, but marketers are starting to get wise to it. Some analysts even predict that all impressions will be served programmatically in the distant future, regardless of platform.

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