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Solving Each Specific Problem 6. Appointment Of Responsible Select From Among The Employees Intereste In Digital Transformation Those Who Will Implement It. Divide Areas Of Responsibility. 7. Timing Set Milestone Dates As Well As Milestones To Be Achieve. Responsible For The Transformation Another Fundamental Task Is To Build A Hierarchy Of Persons Who Will Be Involve In Digital Transformation. Obviously, These Should Be Employees From Both The “business Side” And The “it Side”. Basically, The Emphasis Is On The Heads Of Those Departments .

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Out The Transformation In The First Place. For Example, The Head Of The Logistics Service Or The Chief Accountant. It Is Imperative That All These Individuals Have The Motivation To Carry Out Digital Transformation And An Understanding Of Iceland Phone Number List Why It Is Neee. Otherwise, The Risk Increases That Everything Will Be Done Formally, AndEffect. Results Tracking Ideally, A Company Should Have A Digital Transformation Leader. This May Be, For Example, One Of The Deputy General Directors, Who Will Build Interaction With Each Of The Other Responsible Persons, And Periodically Arrange General Discussions.

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Process Is Going In The Right Direction, What Has Already Been Achieve And What Are The Immeiate Current Tasks. Summarizing, We Can Say That The Main Thing Before Carrying Out Digital Transformation Is To Determine Its Goals And Objectives, Terms And Resources, As Well As Come To An Understanding Between Responsible Persons. At The Same Time, It Will Not Be Possible To Make A Breakthrough On Technologies Alone, But It Will Not IT Email List Be Possible To Do Without Them In The Process Of Reengineering Business Models. Only The Combination Of Both Will Allow You To Bypass All The Difficulties And Get A Positive Result. Comindware Introduces A Low-code Platform For Digital Business Transformation. Order A Demo To See The Platform In Action And Evaluate Its Benefits For Your Business.intelligent Automation: What To Watch Out For? 14.12.2020 “intelligent Automation Is The Next Step In The Evolution Of Workflow Systems And Bpm Business Process.

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