How to answer these questions

Pete is browsing the web. He’s not looking for anything specifically; creeping on facebook, reading local news, checking email. But, next thing he knows, he’s being served ads for hotels in the boston area. Why is that? He doesn’t live anywhere near boston. He doesn’t even like the red sox.

Because the irish author, james joyce, was nearly blind, he wrote the majority of the novel, finnegan’s wake, laying on his back, in bed, with a blue crayon. John steinbeck, author of many classic novels including of mice and men would always keep exactly 12 sharpened pencils at his desk while writing.

Don’t stop the conversation after only one email

Another defining feature between a good and bad email marketing campaign is how you handle follow-up emails. Lead generation in an email marketing campaign isn’t created after just one email. It often takes multiple emails before a contact will engage with your content.

Tip: how soon is too soon? How phone number lists often you send emails depends on the nature of your industry and analyzing email performances. If weekly emails are receiving low open rates, and a high number of opt-outs, consider changing the timing of frequent emails.

Tip: use automation for opt-in response. Have automated email responses to welcome or congratulate people who opt-in to your emails. Each email should also include additional content. This is also a good time to up-sale customers.

Take these tips and start creating your very own email marketing

Campaign to grow your business and attract more leads. Whether you’re looking to grow your contact list, increase subscriptions to your newsletter, or sell more product, a well-developed email marketing strategy that follows these basic guidelines will start you off on the right track.

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For all of you that decided to venture down to the end of my blog, I’ve decided to include one more helpful tip that you can use when writing your emails.

Tip: use the five second test. Send a test email to a friend and let them look at the email for 5 seconds. If they can tell you what the call-to-action is in that short time, you’ve succeeded in putting your call-to-action in a noticeable place.

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