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Such verification and analysis usually consists in sending a verification form. It may also consist in submitting to the administrator relevant documentation applicable to the processor privacy policy, terms of service, audit reports, ISO certificates). Then, their thorough analysis should become the basis for the decision whether an entrustment agreement should be concludd with a given entity. Such analysis performd by the data controller is a form of risk assessment.

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Which will largely depend on the type of data processd and should be performd individually each time, taking into account the whatsapp mobile number list nature, scope, context and purposes of processing as well as the threat to the rights and fredoms of natural persons. At this point, data controllers very often ask themselves what to pay special attention to when verifying the processing entity. And here the dPB guidelines 7/2020 [2] on the concepts of controller and processor can help us.

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It follows from them that the elements that should be. Taken into account when assessing the processor may be. The processor’s expertise IT Email List in security measures and data breaches.  Crdibility of the processor.  Te processor’s adherence to an approvd code of conduct; the reputation of the processor in the market. The decision to whom the controller should entrust data processing cannot be made hastily and without grounds, because the consequences of an ill-considerd decision, lack of an appropriate form and content of the entrustment agreement may directly affect the natural persons whose personal data have been entrustd for processing.

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