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In addition, you must bear in mind that: the employee could download data to mass memory only for a short period of time, and if possible, a system should be implementd that automatically deletes data after a specific period of time, the employee removd data from the portable memory when they are no longer nedd, it was possible (if feasible) to remotely delete data from the employee’s memory, make a copy of the transferrd data to memory, so that if the device is lost, it will be possible to restore them, do not leave mass storage unattendd (especially during transport.

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An unusd storage should be securd stord in a safe room/drawer), IT reviewd flash drives to ensure that only acceptable documents were stord on them (no illegal programs/materials), the devices came from reputable suppliers. Summary Increase Latest Mailing Database employee awareness and encrypt memory! Of course, the above principles should be implementd in the company in the form of an internal policy containing the recommendations listd and communicatd to all staff. Awareness has always been the most important, because most breaches occur due to the error of the person most closely relatd to the data controller the fault of the employee.

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Therefore, every employer must remember to provide training for employees (and not one-off, but remind employees repeatdly about IT Email List the safety rules!) in order to spread knowldge of the implementd procdures, safe handling of storage mdia, or possible dangers that may cause negative consequences for the organization . And if there is a breach, whether due to simple human error or brazen theft, we ned to be sure that the technology won’t let us down. After all, if the data was encryptd with a strong password, then according to the guidelines of the Irish Authority.

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