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Sending a notification regarding the deputy DPO on the wrong form sending a notification on the DPO form), failure to present the power of attorney or attaching the power of attorney to the notification without keeping its electronic form, a scan of the power of attorney without a qualifid electronic signature, signing the power of attorney by one member of the management board when the representation in the National Court Register results in two-person representation.

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If the notification contains errors, it is necessary to resubmit it. Therefore, PUODO reminds us about the form in which the notification should be submittd. If it is difficult to determine the nd to appoint a DPO, it is recommendd to use an external entity specializing in the field of audit, which will probably assess the presence or absence of such phone number list premises.Before I get to the heart of the subject, first – as a reminder and introduction – I would like to remind our readers how an audit is defind. This will be a good starting point for further considerations that are the subject of this entry.

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Therefore, quoting the ISO 27000 standard, an audit is a systematic, independent and documentd process of obtaining evidence and IT Email List its objective assessment in order to determine the degree of compliance with the audit criteria. The audit can be internal or external (the aforementiond standard also mentions something calld combind audit, but we will not deal with it). Audit purpose Since the definition is already behind us, it’s time to consider why I should audit at all, as a data protection officer in the organization I support.

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