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In the course, you will learn to use everything you need without becoming a technologist, as I will explain the whole process step by step and tell you what each tool is for and how to make the most of it in your situation. Needed. You will see something about these aspects in the course: you will get to know #, easily enough so that you will never say: “ is hard!” You’ll learn how to get in touch with everything you need to make your site well-tuned and configured internally.

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 I will show you how to properly differentiate, manage and use new database blog pages and posts, which is something many people do wrong. You will learn how to manage multimedia files and I will teach you about their important role in website performance and loading speed. More things will lose more plug-ins: Your website will comply with its privacy law obligations thanks to a plug-in that you can use to automatically add all information without having to hire a lawyer.

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 With several top security plugins, your website will be protected from robbers and will be protected from. Thanks to the best caching plug-ins on the market, your website will load as fast as it did on IT Email List the first day of sales. You will learn how to configure everything at the level to meet the requirements and enhance your presence in search engines.

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