Storytelling and corporate communication

Storytelling and corporate communication: clarity and useful advice leonardo rosa – .  2023 storytelling and corporate communication storytelling. In the context of corporate communication. Represents a methodology use in marketing for many years. Even before the term itself was coine. But. Despite this fact. Companies still struggle to apply storytelling in a correct and targete way in relation to a.  Branding or advertising campaign. So let’s try to clarify things. Also providing some useful advice. You might be intereste in: “How to reconcile storytelling and pe in b2b: pitfalls and opportunities”.  Definition of storytelling storytelling and corporate communication over the decades. 

Definition of Storytelling

Even just the definition of storytelling has given rise to many discussions between companies and communicators. Often arriving at special data formulas far from reality. According to the manuals. Storytelling is define as “The art of telling stories. A technique use as a persuasive communication strategy. Especially in the political. Economic and corporate fields”. All correct even if the one just indicate constitutes a wording that does not stand out either for its synthesis or incisiveness. With greater imagination. The writer alessandro barricco delineate the boundaries of storytelling in a certainly more original way: “Take reality. Strip away the facts. All that remains is storytelling”. 

Stories in the Time of Social Media

If we want to get to the point. In the context of corporate communication. We could say that storytelling  does not mean (as many think) “Telling stories”. But IT Email List rather “Communicating through stories”. Let’s remember this well! You might be intereste in: “The role of the copywriter in the times of chatgpt” stories in the time of social meia storytelling and corporate communication today. Telling stories – with the value of company or product promotion – means having many channels available: from sites. To apps. Up to the vast array of social networks. You might be intereste in: “Social meia: tiktok is also evolving to follow the market” on all these platforms it is possible to do storytelling despite very different assumptions. In fact. There are tools. Such as newsletters. 

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