Tis the season for giving and no one knows


Before the whole starbucksredcup scandal, the idea behind the red cup was to have people get creative and share their decorated cups on a social media platforms. With any type of advertisement, we never know how the internet world will spin it. The red cup sparked criticism from conservative groups and one of starbucks’ biggest competitors, dunkin’ donuts responded.

Dunkin’ donuts conveniently released a holiday-themed cup which features a festive design and the word “joy.” promoting the cup on (of course) the platform known for strategically placed coffee, instagram.

The company has said that the new cups are not a stab at starbucks

But this perfectly-timed marketing opportunity has been embraced by those who took a stand against starbucks.

Macy’s promotes their macy’s believe campaign on facebook and twitter to encourage people to write letters to santa in order to help raise $1 million for the make a wish foundation. This annual campaign pulls at the heart strings of consumers cell phone lists who really want to make a differences this season by giving back. For every letter received, macy’s donates one dollar to the make-a-wish foundation. With this charity, macy’s has raised over $83 million for make-a-wish since they started the campaign in 2003. You can write your letter to santa claus today to help.

Social media is just one extension of marketer’s holiday advertising this season

But it opens up a lot of opportunities to attract customers. With this being the busiest shopping time of the year, it’s important for brands to utilize the correct advertising platforms to target the most relevant audience.

It’s not too late to put together a holiday IT Email List advertising strategy. If you’d like to learn more about what you can do for your business as the black friday rush fast approaches, contact us anytime. Also, for more information on social media and the difference between a personal account and business account, download our free whitepaper by clicking below.

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