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The relationship between them can be displaye in the table: Detaile classification Simple classification Main processes Relate Core Processes Auxiliary Providing Auxiliary Managers Developing Managers The table shows different types of process classification. If we take into account a more detaile classification, it turns out that it includes a number of additional items that are not in a simple classification. The difference between process and functional approaches The functional approach to enterprise management involves the traditional delegation of authority and responsibility for carrying out work of a certain type to a subsystem of the organization – management, department or department.

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At the same time  a leader is place at the head of each division, from whom there will be a demand for all tasks in this area. Theapproach to management is that such an approach works well along the “vertical” hierarchy and poorly – along the “horizontal”, i.e. does not address issues of cross-functional interaction. For example, when submitting a Fax Lists commercial proposal, the participation, each of which functions separately and has its own performance metrics and goals. In this case, when a problem arises at the junction of departments, it is usually not clear who is responsible for solving it and is intereste in organizing efficient and high-quality joint work of functional departments.

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Of the management and planning system

Process management is an attempt to systematize cross-functional work. Business process optimization In the process of optimizing business processes, the company’s activities are improve, as well as the choice of a path along which the organization can quickly achieve its ultimate goal. This is achieve by: reucing the time to complete the operation; reuction in the cost of goods and services; improving the quality of products; achieving transparency IT Email List of operations; strengthening control over production processes; improvement . When optimizing the business processes of a particular enterprise, a lot depends on the goals and objectives set by the manager. Business process automation Business processes can be performe both manually and with the help of automatic systems. The latter option is considere more reasonable because. 

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