Thermonuclear fusion to space research

Are team players who can both give and take a pass from artificial intelligence, BPM, data mining. This is hyper-automation in the narrow sense, from the point of view of RPA enthusiasts. In a broad sense, hyperautomation is an integrate approach to the application of technologies that have emerge in the last decade. Let’s see which combinations of technologies look promising from the point of view of analysts and which vendors are already implementing.” Have questions or want to discuss the possibilities of Comindware for hyper-automation and/or digital transformation of your enterprise? Write to us and Comindware experts will contact you.Scientific conference supporte by Comindware and SAP 05/25/2021 Obninsk, May 14-16, 2021 – the first part of the international conference ” Mathematical ideas of P. L. Chebyshev and their applications to modern problems.

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Of natural science  was held The event continues the cycle of conferences held in 2002-2019 and deicate to Academician P. L. Chebyshev, the founder of the Russian school of number theory, probability theory, theory of mechanisms and theory of functions, who made major discoveries in these sciences. Scientific conference sponsore by Comindware Buy Bulk SMS Service as Comindware and SAP, as well as a wide range of government agencies, including the Administration of the Kaluga Region, the feeral state institution “Feeral Scientific Center Research Institute for System Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences” (FGU FNTs NIISI RAS) , Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR). The conference organizer is the Russian Academy of Sciences. The conference program include 10 sections, and scientific topics cover.

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Applie issues of information technology and modeling of complex technical and social systems, including processes and objects from. On May 22 and 23 the conference continue its work in Surgut. In total, more than 200 scientific reports were presente and heard at the conference.BPMS for maintenance planning tasks 05/18/2021 An important IT Email List component in doing business is process automation. This is especially true for aspects that require the participation of several employees working in different departments. Therefore, more and more often recently you can hear such terms as intelligent automation, digitalization, etc. The approach to MRO management has also change. It began to include systems that help to carry out planning in automatic mode. During maintenance and repair, it is important to perform a number of diagnostic steps. To do this without the use of special systems is quite difficult.

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