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Companies at the global level have realize the nee to systematize and work with business processes: their improvement, development and change. It is important that the BPM concept also includes tools to support all of the activities liste above. Goals of business process organization The activities of each company contain a set of processes that are repeate and form the basis of the business . Each direction works either with information or with materials, and sometimes with both. This data or material is converte. For example, raw materials can be processe into salable goods, and data can be converte into reports or visualizations. The organization of business processes in an enterprise provides for a sequence of the following actions: considering processes separately and analyzing their influence on each other, combining measures to establish their internal structure (technological, temporal, spatial, organizational) taking into account the

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Specific conditions of the company for a certain area. The result is a plan, a model, a description of the processes as the basis for their implementation. The idea is to get a good idea of ​​the current state of affairs from the outset. Next step : identify what can be improve. Ultimate goal : to make the organization more efficient Special Database and effective. 7 advantages of organizing business processes and their further implementation Reucing costs. In a 2018 BPTrends survey, over 50 percent of participants cite saving money as the top reason for switching to BPM. Companies nee to focus on cutting costs in order to  Rapid response to new customer nees . The well-establishe practice of process management at the enterprise, base on modern technological solutions, allows us to quickly respond to the situation in the context of global changes.

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Practical case lockdown in the midst of a pandemic. Clients cannot personally come to the organization to order services or resolve an urgent issue. A request from the customer for remote maintenance appears. BPMS base on Low-code platforms, such as the Comindware Business Application Platform , allow you to quickly model and launch effective, delivery, and feeback collection. This is important because 67% of customers say that a bad reason they IT Email List abandon a product or service. BPM systems can be use as a tool to model new customer-facing processes and test before being put into practice. Productivity increase. In an increasingly competitive and increasingly difficult environment for survival, organizations must perform at their best. The organization of business processes of the company increases productivity and allows you to provide the best level of service to customers. Companies using BPM are more likely to remain.

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