How to Use AI to Speed Up Your Online Course Creation

If you’re a business owner, a teacher, a trainer, or an online solopreneur, you probably know that creating online courses is a highly scalable and profitable way to generate online income. In fact, 75%+ margins are not unheard of.

But there’s a problem: creating an online course is kind of hard to do!

It could take a week or so to nail down your course outline and many more weeks to create your content. And no matter how motivated you are, you’ll often be starting this process from a blank page.

Benefits of Using AI for Online Content Creation

The main barrier to content creation is having to always start from a blank page Whatsapp Data which can be time-consuming and frustrating at times.

By using AI writing   assistants, you can generate a significant amount of your content for a fraction of the cost and time, creating a solid foundation that you can then build on.

The result is that hours of content creation effort can be reduced to minutes (as you’ll witness later on in this article), days can be turned into hours, and weeks into days, depending on the scope and complexity of your project.

How to Use AI to Fast-Track Your Online Course Outline
The best way to get started with AI for your online course is to use it to generate your outline.

Once you provide your AI writing assistant with a topic, it’ll create all your headings and subheadings for each course section. Then you can use it to add meat to the bones.

Now, as I mentioned before, keep in mind that while AI writing assistants excel at writing like humans, they’re not subject-matter experts and will occasionally make stuff up or plagiarize.

So, you always need to supervise the output and make the necessary changes to make your content factually correct and original.

Let’s Create a Course from Scratch Using AI

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Great, it’s time for the rubber to meet the road. Let’s showcase how these tools can work to help you create the initial draft for your online course in no time.

For the sake of illustration, I’m going to pick a random topic for this example. So, I’ll use an AI writing assistant called to generate an outline for a course on how to create a resume.

I’ll begin this process by using their “Blog Post Outline” feature and then guide the AI by typing IT Email List Outline for a course on how to create a resume under the heading “Blog post title/topi.

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