Freelance Manifesto with the keys to being a


 In this Freelance Manifesto you will see all these steps and tips to help you on this path as a free worker. Nowadays, being self-employed or freelance is within the reach of anyone and more and more people are choosing this path of being a free worker, since this type of work will give you more freedom, but it also implies a series of difficulties that you have to know how to manage. The same thing happens here. Being really good and recognized at what you do takes time . Learning to manage projects and clients also takes time. Therefore, keep this point in mind, it is vital.

And because I believe

That it is easier to do things right from the beginning than to correct executive data them later, I have created this freelance manifesto to help you in this step and process of venturing out on your own. Let’s start at the beginning of the process: A Self-Employed is a professional who contributes to Social Security as a self-employed worker and lives 100% from the activity he or she carries out. In addition, it is mandatory that you be registered in the RETA (Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers). While the Freelance is the professional who offers his services autonomously to people or companies, but he does not have to be autonomous and may not make a 100% living from this activity.

He is usually a professional

With several parallel projects. The freelancer is a professional who has a series of qualities and Freelance Manifesto challenges. That I have grouped into what I call: What you have to achieve is. To plan better when clients come in, better to postpone. A service for later when you are saturated with work and thus not have those dead months.

Planning is key if you want to be an effective professional and achieve results that make you feel satisfied with your work. As a freelancer, you can choose how much you work . You must set your own IT Email List schedule and work how you want. The obvious benefit is the particular work-life balance. But don’t expect this benefit to come immediately.

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