Diversity And Inclusion In Digital Marketing

Although some organizations set aside dedicated offices where difficult conversations can freely take place, the entire work environment should feel like a ‘safe space’ for all employees. A guide to ga4 vs universal analytics a guide to reporting in ga4 tracking the customer journey as desktop devices and traditional websites were the primary focus of universal analytics this is now somewhat out of step with how people engage with business across devices. Websites. And mobile apps. While there is a mobile app version of universal analytics. Data is reporte in a separate account property and set of reports. Ga4 on the other hand unifies website and mobile app data into one single reporting view so we can measure user interactions and journeys across devices. Websites. And apps as they move towards conversion.

Embed diversity in the culture

Leaders play a huge part in bringing diversity and inclusion into an organization, but every person has a role to play. Indeed, often employees can help educate leaders in diversity.

Since ga4 isn’t as reliant on cookie tracking as universal analytics. We can continue to report new data on website and campaign performance while respecting people’s privacy preferences. While universal analytics tracks visits and repeat visits using cookies. Ga4 is less reliant on cookies as a technology and uses data modelling and machine learning to plug gaps because of users’ privacy choices. This means that to future-proof your tracking. It’s essential to set up and start using ga4 to stay ahead of the competition. You can also check out our other ga4 detaile guides here.

Educate others

As well as educating yourself, you can educate others to enable them to the be more inclusive. 

.across all touchpoints from website IS Lists to social. Email and app usage—it is important that there’s an analytics tool that can track these journeys and ga4 aims to do this to some degree for channel. Website. And app usage. Though in-platform metrics for non-google products like comments. Shares etc.. On facebook or instagram still nee to be tracke in the meta platform itself. Ga4 can track visits from these channels and help map customer journeys across your websites and apps: something that can’t be done in a unifie way in universal analytics.

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