A startup or an initial business is not yet a company

In this third phase the objective is to create effective demand directed towards the sales channels . The bulk of marketing and sales expenses begin at this stage and not before.

At this point, it is assumed that the company has already found. Its business model and has reached a certain size and complexity. So the time has come to make the transition from an informal business or a startup. To the company structured in departments. 

A startup From this moment,

The company finally changes its orientation towards customer discovery to an orientation towards the mission and objectives of each area. This will achieve a scalable executive data company. But without having to bear in the early stages the unnecessary cost of having an unnecessary structure. Based on Blank’s ideas, Eric Rise perfected this methodology for years, publishing its final version in the book. 

But a temporary organization subject to great uncertainty whose objective is none other than to find a viable and scalable business model through a series of experiments. It proposes testing the starting hypotheses through the following Steps:

The objective is to know

When to persevere or when to correct the business model. Told this way , it seems easier than it is. As shown by the fact that 90 percent of digital startups fail in their first three years of life and that of the remaining 10 percent that survive. 

The startup would now be in a position to seek the support of investors, if necessary. Spend a lot of time talking to clients. And how they have been alleviating, avoiding or solving. It themselves IT Email List until now; Create a first minimum viable product with. Which to test the problem with the aim of establishing. If it really matters to someone and if it has been understood correctly from the startup. Repeatedly use the product to validate the proposed situation and if the client is willing to pay for it.

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