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Stage The Manager Will Be Able To Control The Work And See At What Stage It Is, Where Are The Problem Areas, Which Of The Employees Do Not Have Time To Process Their Tasks On Time. Business Process Managementorganizations. There Are Many Disadvantages Of Automating Business Processes Base On 1c. Problems Of Using The 1c Platform To Work With Business Processes All 1c Products Are Characterize By The Same Main Problem: In Order To Implement And Configure Them, You Nee A Specialist, Moreover, One Who Deals With This Platform.

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On Staff  Or Attracte From The Outside, And You Will Have To Pay For His Services. 1c Is A Typical Boxe Product. After Purchasing And Installing It, The Work Is Just Beginning: You Nee To Make The Necessary Settings And Improvements So That The Solution Ultimately Meets The Nees Of The Company. The Abundance Of Tools Is Presente  Albania Phone Number List By Developers As An Advantage. In Practice, It Is Often Pointe Out That The Platform Is Heavily OverloadeAnd Best Management Practices To Trends And The Most Advance Technologies. The Audience Represente Leaders And Specialists From All Over The Country, Participants In The Bpm Project Of The Year Competition – We, As A Vendor, Were Intereste In Learning About The Challenges Face By Bpm Practices “in The Field”. The  With Functions, Half Of Which Are Not Neee By A Particular Company. However, Business Process.

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Management In 1c Requires

A Good Study Of This Set Of Capabilities, And Such Requirements Are Impose Even On An Ordinary User. He Must Remember Which Fields, To Perform Each Operation, And Which Are Not Neee. Finally, Platform Updates Become A Problem: They Are IT Email List Require Frequently, Every Month. These Updates Are Paid: Their Installation Means Costs. Updates Will Not Work Without A Specialist. After The Next Update, Those Settings And Improvements That Were Made Earlier Often Disappear. For The Time It Takes To Re-execute Them, The Platform May Be Down. This Leads To The Fact That More And More People Recognize That The Development Of Business.

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