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Usually – if not always – advertisers make use Will artificial of social mia influencers and their engag followers in live Shopping. The influencer advertises the event on their own social mia channels but the live event itself is often held on the website of the online store. During the live the influencer presents e.g. the outfits he has chosen from the selection of the online store. At the same time people following the live can comment on Lives events in real time.

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The products on which the viewer goes directly to the product pages b2b email list in the online store and can add it to the shopping cart if they wish. In Finland online clothing stores such as About You and Lindex make the most of live shopping but also department stores aim at an older target group such as Stockmann. For example About You does live shopping on its website several times a week.

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Old Lives are also Live has end. In the domestic market however it should be not that e.g. Instagrams native live shopping function is not yet available on Finnish accounts IT Email List as well as not buying directly from Instagram Shops) but for the time being we have to use another platform in between e.g. our own online store. The same goes for TikTok. The rise of TikTok TikTok is without a doubt the hottest topic of conversation on the social mia side of the 2020s. In the last few years

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