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Transformatio And Right Now. Don’t Do It Just Because It’s “Fashionable”. We Nee To Find Out What Goals We Are Pursuing. They Should Not Be Streamline – “Improve The Efficiency Of The Company” – But Understandable. It Is Desirable That They Relate To Specific Processes: Increase The Spee Of Processing Incoming Invoices. Reuce The Delivery Time Of Orders To The Customer. Experts Do Not Advise Engaging In Digital Transformation Of Everything At Once. Firstly, It Requires A Lot Of Resources, And Secondly, It Is Wise To First Evaluate The Usefulness Of The Changes In One Area Of ​​​​activity Or Company Division Before Moving On.

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Out The Goals And Object Of Transformation, It Will Be Necessary To Appoint Responsible Persons, And Not Only From The It Side Responsible For The Technical Component, But Also From The Business Side. If, For Example, We Modernize The Work Of The Logistics Department, Then Constant Contact With The Head Of This Department Armenia Phone Number List Is Essential For The Changes To Take Place Both “on Paper” And In Real Life. Finally, Do Not Forget To Track The Result, And For This We Select In Advance The Parameters By Which We Will Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Digital Transformation In Your Company. With The Definition Of Such Parameters, It Is Worth Starting The Transformation In Order To Understand Where We Are Moving And Not Engage.

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Of Modernization Reasons For Digital TransformationAre Pursuing Digital Transformation Is To Maintain And Increase Competitiveness. Things Move Fast And Change Happens Fast, So Companies Have To Keep Up With New Demands To Continue To Be Successful. This Does Not Work For Everyone. For Example, The Lifespan Of Large IT Email List Corporations In The 21st Century Is About 15 Years, While In The 20th Century It Was 60. That Is, You Nee To “Keep Your Finger On The Pulse”, Use The Opportunities That Are Given By The Development Of Technology.  Achieve The Desire Result Only If People Are Ready For Them. It Is Important To Train Employees On The New Principles Of Work. This May Take A Significant.

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