What are 360 Degree Videos

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in another place. Where are you? Look all around at the scenery. Look up, down, left, right, and everywhere else. In our minds, we’re able to put together the pictures of our memories and temporarily take ourselves away from the office. A new technology of video production is looking to make our mediation breaks just a little bit more realistic.

360-degree videos are a new way to experience watching videos online. Sometimes called virtual reality, these videos allow the viewer to interact with the video by moving the camera to look in any direction they wish. Companies are looking to capitalize on this new technology by utilizing 360-degree videos in different ways.

360-degree videos are clips displaying different events where the camera has recorded all possible angles of the environment. When watching 360-degree videos, you can interact and choose the content you’re viewing by clicking and dragging the mouse on the video to see different angles.

If you haven’t heard anything about these new videos

You might be surprised to learn that 360-degree videos are not new to social media. Youtube introduced them in march 2015 and made them available for video ads a few months later. Since then, a small number of companies have embraced the new technology, producing videos that leave viewers amazed. More recently, facebook has also telephone list made this technology available, which could possibly lead to starting the next big social media trend.

Let’s take a look at some different examples of companies showcasing these new videos in excellent ways. Feel free to take these videos for a test drive. Interact with each example and see which ones you like the best.

Take a look at new models of the mercedes-benz during a virtual tour of their facility. In the video, mercedes is using the 360-degree feature to allow you to move around and look at specific features of the car.

Capturing the vehicle from multiple angles creates

Amore engaging experience for the viewer.
Like we talked about before, who doesn’t want to close their eyes and travel to a tropical island? The hamilton island uses 360-degree video to entice possible visitors by taking them to different areas around the island and letting them take a look around.

Ever thought about jumping off a cliff IT Email List wearing a wingsuit? No? Well now you can experience a jump without leaving your chair.

Big event promotions
Highlight videos for big events are great ways to promote more interest in future events, but what if you could let someone walk around the concert area or checkout the camping locations all through a video? In this video, the tomorrowland event takes you on a tour and lets you look around at event highlights.

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