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Accountant. But Such Structures Are Less Subject To Bureaucratization, And Their Internal Processes Are More Changeable. Management Gets The Opportunity To Solve Only Strategic Tasks, And Not Waste Time On Countless Approvals Or Wait For The Authorities To Respond To The Next Request. Grouping By Function May Coexist With Market Grouping, Such As In A Divisional Structure. Each Division Is Focuse On A Separate Market (Regional, Commodity, Client), And At The Same Time Has Its Own Functional Divisions. Divisions Are Controlle By Output, That Is, According To Complete Or Unfulfille Plans. What Does Bpm Have To Do With It? Any Structure Has A Fundamental Flaw – It Is The Coordination.

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Units Especially At The Middle Level  In The Conditions Of A Factory Shop, It Is Still Possible To Line Up All Work Flows On One Line And Subordinate The Work Of People To Uniform Standards, But The Work Of Managerial Personnel Is A More Cambodia Phone Number List Subtle Thing And Is Difficult To Formalize. Sooner Or Later, A Dilemma Arises – Either Reuce The Number Of Leaders To The Detriment Of Control Over Business Functions, Or Increase The Number Of Leaders, But Lose Control Over Workflows. Mintzberg Was Well Aware Of This And Propose Several Additional Means Of Coordination At The Level Of Line Management: Connecting Job Positions – If There Is A Large Number Of Constant Communications Between Two Departments, Then You Can Send.

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Bypassing Vertical Channels Special Groups And Standing Committees – The Practice Of Endless Meetings On Any Problematic Issue. In Large Companies, Standing Committees With Formal Powers Are Often Set Up At The Line Level To Conduct Meetings. Integrating Managers Are The Same Dispatcher, But Already With The Powers . A Typical IT Email List Example Is The Head Of A Department In A Hospital, He Has The Right To Manage Doctors, Nurses, Orderlies And Ancillary Workers. The Matrix Structure Is A System Of Administrative Dual Power. As J. Galbraith Wittily Note, Almost All Of Us Grew Up In Conditions Of Dual Power In The Family. The Matrix Management Structure Destroys The Usual System Of One-man Command But It Inevitably Has To Be Resorte To In The Framework Of Project Activities When It.

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