Unspeakable words: the evolution of language


Unspeakable words: the evolution of language in the digital age francesco farinelli – . 2023 unspeakable words in the increasingly crowde panorama of digital marketing (as well as that of traditional marketing). The use of words for commercial purposes deserves deep reflection. Let’s start from an assumption: the role of words is crucial for every company when communicating externally as well as towards its internal audience. In a world where information spreads at a dizzying spee. 

The Unspeakable Words

Through social networks and various meia platforms. It is crucial to understand how words can influence our perceptions and subsequent new database actions. You might be intereste in.  “Storytelling and corporate communication: clarity and.  Useful advice” the unspeakable words unspeakable words words have increible power. But we often ignore their impact on the target. One of the salient aspects of this theme is precisely the concept of ” unspeakable words “. They are those words that we could once consider ” normal “. But which today are capable of hurting. In a more or less violent way. 

Empathic Communication as a Connection Tool

Small or large communities of people. Precisely through the internet these people (without exclusion) rightly demand fairness and respect. Therefore. Maximum IT Email List attention must be paid to expressions that could discriminate for reasons of sex. Ethnicity. Religion. Skin color and much more. Otherwise. There are words that. If use with care and attention. Are able to capture the public’s attention and create an emotional bond with the target. However. Even in this case. We are referring to words that must be chosen with extreme caution. Otherwise – if use inappropriately or insensitively – they can cause negative reactions and alienate the public. All marketers should reflect . On the words they use within their communication strategies and consequently adopt a more conscious approach to choosing language. Download inside’s free guide here! 

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