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The relaxing aroma of freshly bake bread in a cafe or the smell of expensive perfume in a clothing store stimulating crazy shopping decisions, suggestive photography . Community Blog These are all examples of emotional branding affecting the senses. It is base on the assumption that smell, color or sound can evoke emotions and associations much more effectively than a password. This applies in particular to attracting the attention of modern customers who encounter dozens of advertising slogans during their daily use of the Internet.

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These today – more and more often – do not make much of an impression on them anymore. Do you want your products/services to arouse real emotions in your customers? We know how to do it. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Emotional branding – examples Emotional branding may at first be associate with strictly lifestyle brands, such as whatsapp mobile number list a magazine for modern women or a club for professionally active young people. Meanwhile, emotional branding applies to virtually all industries today. Brand advertising and branding subtly guide consumers to the emotions they are suppose to associate with the brand: Volvo, thanks to the fact that it is safe, allows you to live a full life and realize yourself at any age.

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The philosopher Alan Watts indirectly argue this in the Volvo advertisement. Coca-Cola is one of the many sweet and not very healthy carbonate drinks. The manufacturer makes it easier to make a purchase decision and positions it as IT Email List a moment of pleasure that can be share with love ones during a family dinner. Emotional branding is use in practice by all large chains of coffee shops. They realize that the coffee itself can be bought from a machine or made at home. Customers therefore do not go to such a place to actually replenish fluids. They rather go “to Starbucks ” or “for coffee from Żabka”, connecting with these places an emotional charge that is valuable from the advertiser’s point of view.

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