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Legally Significant Rights). Each Individual Document Can Also Perform Additional Functions. For Example: Managerial (Director’s Order), Reporting (Accounting Report), Reference (Salary Certificate). What Is A Document Template According To The Form Of Presentation, 2 Types Of Documents Are Distinguishe: Individual (The Author Makes Them In Free Form). Typical (Using A Ready-made Template). A Template Is A Pattern That Contains The Entire Invariant Part. For Example, Title (“statement”), Header (“to”, “from”), Text Frame, Signature. The Use Of Templates Greatly Spees Up The Creation Of An Application, Certificate, Contract, Since It Is Enough Just To Enter The Necessary Data And Text In The Provide Places. In Addition, The Template.

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Electronic Document Management , Since Different Types Of Documentation (Applications, Certificates, Orders) Do Not Mix With Each Other. And To Understand What You Are Dealing With, You Do Not Nee To Read The Entire Text, It Is Enough To Japan Phone Number List Familiarize Yourself With The Main Attributes, Such As The Title, Author, And Addressee. How To Optimize Document Flow In The Enterprise The Most Important Concept Here Is Document Type Recognition. Recognition By Content Means That In Order To Determine The Type, You Nee To Familiarize Yourself With Its Essence. But For This You Nee To Read It. In A Company That Works With Hundres.

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Use Because It Is Time Consuming. Recognition By Form Assumes That In Order To Determine The Most Important Parameters Of A Document (Importance; Purpose; Route), It Is Not Require To Read It, But It Is Enough To Familiarize YourselfPath, You Can Use The Extensive Possibilities Of Automation. For Example, There Are Programs IT Email List That Work With Mail. The Program Sees A New Object, Analyzes The Title, Addressee, Sender, As Well As The Words And Expressions Use. This Helps Her Filter Her “inbox” Almost Unmistakably, Reirect Correspondence To Those People Who Are Most Likely To Work With Her. Even More Perfect Is The Pre-built Routing System. In This Case, Base On The Selecte Template Or Depending On Its Attributes, A Route Is Automatically.

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