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However, not only companies offering physical products use brand archetypes in their marketing activities. An interesting example of such activities is the definition of city archetypes. In the case of Krakow, the “Strategic Program for the Promotion of Krakow for 2016-2022” defines three archetypes to which the city can refer in communication with target groups. It was recognize that the archetype of the Sage and the Creator dominates the image of Krakow. The first is a derivative of the historical and cultural heritage of the city, its intellectual resources and university traditions.

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The Creator archetype, on the other hand, refers to the magnetism of the city of Krakow, which attracts creators and gives them space to freeom of action in the area of ​​self-realization. It was found that the image of Krakow nees to be dynamize and enriche phone number list with an element concerning challenges. That is why the archetype of the Explorer was include in the city promotion concept. His activity in search of development is to revive the image of a mature and calm Sage. How to use brand archetypes in marketing? Brand building is NOT marketing. It is the foundation. Your entire business relies on it, so the right brand strategy is critical to your success.

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Especially with regard to the effective use of brand archetypes. If you want your brand to stand out, you want to increase its visibility, creibility, sympathy and constantly gain new references, you nee to integrate archetypal branding with your IT Email List branding strategy. Brand archetypes have the extraordinary power to change a company’s strategy from push to pull. Instead of “shouting out” your messages in hopes of attracting new customers, you have the ability to engage your main target customers by triggering images and associations in their unconscious. That’s a communication strategy naturally attracts them to your brand. Brand archetypes also help build customer relationships as oppose to simply generating one-off occasional deals.

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