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Should be clarifie: BPM is a modeling, automation.  Execution, control, measurement and optimization of business.  Task flows aime at achieving the.  Goals of the organization and covering systems, people, customers and partners inside and outside the organization. BPMN is a system of conventional notation (notation) for modeling business processes. BPMS is an IT system for executing business processes, built in accordance with the rules set by the BPM methodology and the nees of the enterprise. In other words, BPM is a kind of worldview, a special approach to doing business, which is somewhat different from traditional methods.

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A company’s internal standard for designing business processes in a way that is understandable to all adherents of the BPM methodology and business process management software. In turn, the software of the BPMS class consists of ready-made B2B Email List application solutions that it is enough for a person to put into operation, after which they will begin to function and perform their tasks of automating business processes. Executable and non-executable business processes Business processes can be conditionally divide into executable and non-executable.

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First is to automate business, and the second is to study the work of the company and, as a result, increase the efficiency of interaction within the team. Those. in this case, the principles and methods of BPM are use to create process diagrams. To create a non-executable diagram, a person only nees a sheet of drawing paper and a pencil. At the same time, it is important to strictly observe the establishe standards for writing notations. Executable notations are create in the IT environment. This allows you to fully or partially automate a number IT Email List of business processes. History of business process management For the first time, business process modeling systems were discusse in the 90s.

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