Will Focus On Building A Security Perimeter

Ontologies Capable Of Understanding The Context. Thus, Ontological Digital Platforms, Such As The Comindware Business Application Platform, Can Enable The Exchange Of Experience In The Context Of Building Systems Of Combine Experience (Total Experience), The Use Of Which, According To Gartner Experts, Will Become A Key Factor In Increasing Key Satisfaction Indicators Over The Next Three Years. Customers And Competition. Internet Of Behavior (Iob) The Second Trend, The Internet Of Behavior (Iob, Internet Of Behaviors) Is A New Trend. This Term Refers To The Collection And Use Of So-calle “Digital Dust”, That Is, Digital Traces That People Leave In Everyday Life: Face Recognition, Location Tracking, Internet Activity And.

Big Data And In The Future

Ensors Implante In The Human Body . The Technological Challenge Of This Trend At The Enterprise Level Is Close To The Challenge Of Combining Experience – The Context Of “digital Dust” And Its Transformation Into Knowlege Is Critical Romania Phone Number List Here. To Build Intelligent Systems For Collecting And Processing Digital Traces Of People Capable Of Turning Data Into Knowlege, Ontological Digital Platforms Will Also Be Neee. Cybersecurity Mesh The Trend Of Transition To The Composite Principle Of Building The Architecture Of An Information System (Is) Of An Enterprise Entails A Radical Change In The Approach To Ensuring The Cybersecurity Of Is. The Current Approach Involves Working With Is As A Monolith, Albeit Consisting Of Conditionally.

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Separate Modules Fence By

A Common Fence In The Context Of The Composite Business, Iss Are Built Using A Swarm-type Architecture, Close In Concept To The Blockchain (Blockchain), And Require A New Approach To Ensuring Cybersecurity, Opposite To IT Email List The Current One. As A Result, The Trend Is To Create Cybersecurity Networks That Focus On An Asset Or Person Holding The Data That Nees To Be Protecte. In Other Words, Security Systems  Around Each User. In This Case, The Digital Ecosystem Of The Enterprise Must Be Able To Propagate Access Rights, Taking Into Account The Context Of The Data Access Request. The Ontological Digital Platform Propose Above Allows Both To Build An Is With A Swarm-type Architecture And Organize Its Cybersecurity. Hyperautomation Another Important Trend Is The Transition From Automation Base On Rpa (Robotic Process Automation).

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