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Title Of The Position You Can.  Check How Effective.  The Same Recruitment.  Business Process.  Is With The Help Of.  The Following.  Indicators: Time To Close The.  Vacancy; The Number.  Of Interviews Conducte; The Number.  Of Applications Submitte; Salary Fund; Selection Quality. Thanks To Bpm, Management.  Sees The Work Of The.  Department In Concrete . Numbers And Can Quickly Respond To A Situation, Whether It Is The Dismissal Of An Employee Or A Revision Of Kpi. Bpm Systems And Automation The Concept Of Bpm Is Closely Relate To Bpms (Business Process Management Software), Or Bpm Systems. They Contain A Visual Eitor For Modeling Business Processes.

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Digital Environment And Also Include Various Tools For Analysis And Monitoring. In Practice, This Means That Employees Perform All Operations Relate To The Search For Personnel Within A Single Platform. It Contains A Set Of Forms, Sets The Nigeria Phone Number List Sequence  Automatically Responds To The Specifie Events – The Same Receipt Of An Application Or Notification Of A Negative Decision On The Candidacy. By Introducing Such A Platform, It Is Possible To Simplify Or Automate Some Of The Routine And Template Tasks: Processing Incoming Resumes; Maintaining A Single Database Of Candidates; Control Of Deadlines For The Execution Of Tasks; Testing Of Applicants And Verification Of Results; Sending Letters And Notifications.

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Interaction With External Services

Within The Framework Of One Of The Projects, Comindware Use A Chatbot That Answere Applicants’ Questions Or Forwarde Them To A Competent Person. As A Result, The Hr Department Began To Spend Less Time Communicating With Candidates IT Email List And Increase Its Efficiency ( See Case Study ). There Can Be Many Such Examples. Not Every Company Is Ready To Spend Large Resources On Developing Its Own Hr Automation Systems, Since Personnel Management Is Not One Of The Most Profitable Operations . To Automate Supporting Processes, It Is Better To Use A Low-code Development Approach. He Assumes That The It System Will Be Create On The Basis Of The Bpms Platform, Which Contains A Number Of Ready-made Tools For Working With Business Processes. Solutions Create On Its Basis Accurately.

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