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Propose By The Ministry Of Digital Development. A Comprehensive, Strategically Sound Approach Is Good When It Comes To Large-scale Transformations Within The It Architecture – The Introduction Of A New Erp Platform, The Development Of New High-load Databases, Infrastructure Scaling, Etc. But In Terms Of Daily Work To , This Approach Is Not Very Good, In Addition, In Critical Situations, You Have To Improvise And Change Something On The Go. Business Processes Must Remain Flexible So That The Company Can Effectively Develop And Adapt To New Conditions. For Small And Meium-size Businesses, The Approach Propose.

By The Ministry Of Digital

Development Is Simply Inappropriate Due To The Poorly Develope Organizational Structure And The Tasks Of Digitalization Themselves, Which Are Often Limite, Local In Nature. Digitalization By Business Hands It Is Useful To Recall The Lessons Of Colombia Phone Number List The Industrial Revolution. Its Success Is Largely The Merit Of Ordinary Workers Who Improve The Operation Of The Equipment. The Changes Were Most Often Small, But As They Accumulate, They Gradually Improve Production Processes: They Made It Possible To Produce More Products, Improve Its Quality, Increase Labor Safety, Etc. Naturally, Engineers With Specialize Eucation Also Participate In The Optimization Of Production And Helpe Workers With Calculations, Correcte Drawings.

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Change The Way Equipment

Worke  So On The Industrial Revolution Would Not Have Progresse At Such A Pace If It Had Been Carrie Out Exclusively From Above, By The Forces Of Engineers Alone. The Same Goes For Digitalization. Ordinary Employees Are Also Trying To Improve Their Daily Work – They Write Macros, They Themselves Find Applications And IT Email List Online Services. This Does Not Create Any Problems For Organizations That Employ No More Than 15 People, However, As The Business Scales And The It Architecture Becomes More Complex, The Uncontrolle Connection Of Third-party Solutions Creates Information Security Threats. The Company’s Management Does Not Manage Such Spontaneous Digitalization And Cannot Derive Strategic Advantages From It. Comindware Low-code Platform For Digital Transformation What Does Comindware Offer In.

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