The Implementation Of Process Management


But Does Not Participate When It Is Not Necessary. Clarification Of Areas Of Responsibility. At Each Point In Time, The Task Is Solve By A Specific Worker. A Process Has One Owner Who Is Responsible For It As A Whole. Removal Of Contradictions Between Departments. The Task Of Each Department Is To Assign A Specialist To The Business Process, Whose Qualifications Will Help To Cope With A Specific Stage Of The Task. But The Main Goal Of The Process Model Is To Create Value For The Client. The Work Of Any Department Is Recognize As Effective Only If It Increases This Value. And This Will Not Replace Any High Performance. What Gives The Process Approach.

In The Organization It Solves

Several Problems Specific To Traditional Management. Multidirectional Interests Of The Company’s Divisions, Competition For Funding. The Process Approach Turns Different Departments Into Parts Of One Process, Their Efforts Are Unite By Belarus Phone Number List Jointly Performe Tasks And Common Goals. Slow Vertical Interaction: The Task From The Ceo To The Ordinary Employee Passes Through Several Managers Of A Smaller Order. Complex Horizontal Interaction: It Often Requires A Manager Who, At The Request Of Employee A, Gives A Task To Employee B. The Introduction Of A Process Approach Makes It Possible To Directly Transfer The Task, Managers Only Coordinate Such Actions. Areas Of Undefine Responsibility.

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The Business Process Has An

Owner And With The Traditional Approach, Zones Appear At The Junctions Of The Company’s Divisions In Which It Is Not Clear Who Exactly Is Oblige To Resolve The Issue, Or Who Is Responsible For Delays, Customer Dissatisfaction.  Helps To Establish Deeper Interaction Between Departments, Eliminate Barriers Between Them, Control Which Employee IT Email List And In Which Department The Process “freezes”, Spee Up Communication. Functions Of The Process Approach Its First Function Is Regulation. The Manager Determines The Inputs / Outputs Of The Process (For Example, Receipt Of An Application And Sending The Ordere Products To The Buyer). The Owner And Participants Are Determine, Regulations Are Create (A Set Of Participants, A Traffic Pattern, Rules). This Helps To Separate A Particular Business Process From All Other Work In The Company. The Control Function Is An Opportunity At Any Time To Clarify The Current Status Of The Process.

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