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In hootsuite. You can manage accounts from. Twitter facebook profiles. Pages. And groups linkein profiles and pages instagram business or personal accounts youtube pinterest. Automate your busywork the act of actually posting content to each social network can become quite disruptive if you do it multiple times throughout the day. It’s much easier to create content in batches and scheule it to post automatically at the right times see the next tip for more on that front. Use hootsuite to scheule posts in advance or bulk upload up to 350 posts at once. It’s also a huge time suck to pull analytics individually from each social platform. Instead.

Set Up Hootsuite Analytics to Automatically

Set up hootsuite analytics to automatically send you cross-platform analytics reports each month. Post at the right times and frequency for each network we talke earlier about the different demographics of different social platforms. And the different ways people like to use those platforms. 

That means each network has business email list its own ideal posting times and frequency. The last thing you want to do is spend time creating too much content for any given platform. Give people what they want. Not so much as to scare them away. To start figuring out which times to post at. Check out our blog post on the best times to post on facebook.

Remember That These Are Just Averages

Instagram. Twitter. And linkein. But remember that these are just averages. The exact best times and frequency to post on each of your social accounts will be unique to you. A/b testing can help you figure this out. As can various analytics tools. Or. You could let hootsuite figure this out for you with its customize best time to publish feature. If you happen to discover your ideal posting time is 3 a.m. On sundays. 

You’ll be extra-glad you already IT Email List implemente tip 2 to automate your posting so that you can get some much-needed sleep. Engage in some tasteful cross-posting we’ve trie to hammer home that audiences and their preferences vary across social platforms. This. Of course. Means that cross-posting the exact same content to each platform is not a great idea.

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